Friday, July 25, 2008


Look at that first picture! Those of you who were around me then can hear that cry. My oh my! And that second picture is my precious baby now! The other night I was rocking Jake before I laid him down for the night. Don't you just love those moments? As if this one wasn't sweet enough, Jake and I got to laughing. I was squeezing him really tight going um,um,um. He thought that was just the funniest thing. If you know my Jakers you're very aware of that deep laugh he can give you. Well, that night we were laughing so hard we were crying! Josie and Joey even came down the hall, flipped the light on, and asked what on earth was so funny. For whatever reason we just laughed harder. They shut the light out and left us with our joy! It went on for at least 10 minutes. Any Mommy knows how special that kind of moment is. But for me it meant more than I can even say. God spoke to my heart about bringing me and Jake full circle. He and I had rocked in that same chair and cried many many many many tears together. Tears because he hurt so badly and I couldn't make it better. Tears that lasted much longer than I thought we could bear. But the tears that night were happy tears. Ones I cried because I could make my little man crack up like that. Ones that left me feeling like God DID know what He was doing when He trusted me with Jake! I do believe God was telling me He's turned our weeping into laughter! That night is probably my most treasured moment with my boy! I'll be forever thankful and overwhelmed for what God has brought us through! :)

Monday, July 21, 2008


We've been having us some sickness. Jake was up at 4:45 ready for a new day. I was begging God to please let our new morning at least start with the sunshine! Josie's day started around 7:00 with the comment, "My poo-poo is pee-peeing, Mommy!" The bug has officially hit her too, but on a happier note, I've got some cute cute cute pictures of Jake and Josie when they have felt good! The first is Josie in her Snow White dress as "Sleeping Beauty". The next is Jake being silly (supposed to be) eating his breakfast. I can almost guarantee it ended up on my floor, as well as all over him! The third is Jake with his Tonka hat on! Ummmm, I could eat him up! The last one is Josie, well she says she's not Josie, she's a Lady named Jessica. Notice "Jessica" sitting on a tea cart with her "rain boots" on. That girl cracks me up. They've been troopers through all this illness! And you can enjoy these pictures that prove it!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happily Ever After!

Today is our 8th anniversary. I know that, well because I do, but also because whatever year it is that's how long Joey and I have been married....2008, 8 years, 2009, 9 years, you get it! Anyway, for those who don't know our sweet goes. Joey and I got our start from Tymon. Well, let me give Krista props. She tried to hook us up about a year before Tymon did, but it just wasn't time yet. I was a teacher, a woman, you know and he was, well he was just a boy! hee hee But, Tymon says, "Jeanne, I've got the perfect guy for you. He loves Jesus and everything!" I was like "Boy, who do you know that loves Jesus?" He says, "Joey McDonald" and I was like "What, little Joey McDonald" and he says "Yes!" I'll quit with the direct quotes. On with the story, we talked on the phone for a few weeks before we actually went on our first date. He was hunting...I was was complicated :) Anyway, November 19, 1999 we went on our first date. He didn't tell me how beautiful I was or anything even remotely close to that. He just got us lost and had me laughing. I still remember what I was wearing. The first compliment he did give me was "Jeanne, people are so drawn to you." Oh, that REALLY meant so much to me. How kind? We were in a CVS buying candy in the line and he looks at me....I could tell from the look he was about to bust out with something heart melting....he says, "Jeanne, your eyes are so, Do you have allergies or something?" Oh, yes he did. True story. Not the usual your eyes are so blue, or so bright, or so pretty. No sirrey bob, I get so red! It's all funny now, though. Well, it was funny then, too. So after much talking on the phone and dating and getting groped by my daddy we got engaged (April 25th 2000). Let me explain the groping by my Daddy and why I knew if he could get through that he was a "keeper" My Daddy comes into the room where Joey, Boo, Angie and I are watching a movie. In walks my daddy who had had a few by that time. He sits down in front of Joey (like Joey is straddling him) grabs Joey's foot, pulls off his sock, gets hold of his big toe and starts wiggling it saying, "Now that's a keeper right there, Jeanne! That is a keeper!" That was one of those moments that I knew if Joey stuck around after that then he certainly was a keeper!!!!! We were married a short time later, very short time later. When ya know, ya know. We just knew. I remember telling God that night after our first date that I wanted him to give me Joey. I simply loved that boy. The wedding was beautiful. There was candy EVERYWHERE! My favorite food. All the people I loved were there. And of course I can't forget the humongous fever blister on my bottom lip that looked like some nation on a raised geographical map. Everyone was like, "Oh Jeanne, it's not THAT bad!" Puhlease, my honest nephew Austin who was 7 at the time comes up to me and says in his little redneck accent, "EEEWW Mee Mee, what's that on yer liiiiiiiip?" Over my face went the veil and down the aisle went my Daddy and me (he was stepping on my dress the entire way down) Sweet Lord, I so dearly miss that man! Out the church door my husband and I went to the song "You make me feel like dancing!" Somewhere in there Robbie gave us a hilarious ceremony! We drove off with our honeymoon package from Krista and Dave (Thank the good Lord Haysus for that) in our pink cavalier with oreos stuck all over it and a bra the size of a 2 person hammock attached to the front with the rain POURING down! My Joey fills me full of compliments now. It was and still is....happily ever after!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Dora and Diego Day!

Well, everyday is Dora and Diego day. We just also have Princess and Prince Charming day, Lady day, I'm a Mommy day, I'm a Baby day, (all in the same day). Sometimes all in the same 30 minutes. Anyone who knows Josie knows of her love for Dora and Diego. We actually took her to see Diego Live. Her face was priceless when Alicia took the stage. Dora showed up with Backpack, but there was no Boots. She kept asking me where he was. Again if you know Josie you know she will not take, "I don't know" for an answer. So, I told her that Boots was with Abuela (Dora's Grandma). That sufficed. Today, she's decided to be Dora and Jake is Diego. She's got her Backpack, Vote for Pedro shirt, beach pj shorts, and her beloved Dora shoes. She and Jake are running around the house rescuing squirrels for the time being. Jake actually has Tico the squirrel in his mouth in a few of these shots. Heaven only knows what animal will need their rescue skills next. Now they're headed for the Rescue Center! I love this whole pretend world. Jake just cracks me up. He's along for the ride. I wish you could hear him saying G0-go (that's Diego in Jake language). I wonder what Jake will pretend to be when he gets the chance! Probably someone with earplugs in to block his sister and Mommy out! :)