Monday, February 23, 2009

One Week Today!

Praise the Lord! It has been one week today that my Jaker's has slept through the night! YES, through the entire night. We haven't had to go in his room once during the night in a whole entire week!

Not only has he slept through the night, he has slept until "The big sunshine day." That's what my kids call it. You know the time when normal people should be getting up. I've told both of them in the past that I am a stay at home mommy and there's no reason for us to be starting our day at 5 in the a.m. :) He's now getting up anywhere from 6:30 to a big fat thank you Jesus 7:30!

I tried everything with him to get him to stay in his bed and sleep. Ya'll have heard how he did. At any given moment, in the pitch black of night, Jake would show up beside me saying, "Hello Mama." He's even stopped doing that. He stays in his bed for naps and bedtime. Oh, hallelujah!!!

So I figured since I'd vented about the sleepless nights that I'd rejoice about the sleep-full nights! :) Love me some Jake Landon!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Josie is 4!

My Josie girl turned 4 on January 31st!

She came early! 11 days early as a matter of fact! I remember wanting to keep her in there until the "Love" month! What a nut you are with your first! I really don't mind the January birthday. Although with those baby calenders that you get, you know the ones you put the stickers on anytime they experience their first bath, first tooth, first poop! Seems like they had a sticker for everything! Well, when your child is born on the 31st you can't put a sticker on the exact day they turn 1 month old, 2 months old, 3 months old....! February only goes to 28 (most years), so I had to put her 1 month old sticker on the 28th instead of the 31st. I had serious issues with that! And darned if it didn't happen in April and June and you get my drift!

Moving on! Josie had her perfect Princess party! Two of them actually! She got her dream doll house and everything princess you can imagine! Lucky duck got two princess cakes. One made by Nana the Great (cook) and the other by Mommy the Not-So-Great(cook)! Honestly though, I was pretty impressed with my cake skills! :) If I ever get the slide show to work I'll show you both cakes! Just couldn't waste my room on the page with cake shots.

Which leads me to the fact that I can only get 4 pictures on this blog page lately! I tried to do the slide show thing, AGAIN! Yes, I know I need some help for rizzle with that mess. Somebody, anybody, show me how to do a slide show!!!!

Look at that bald-headed baby girl at 18 months old! Finally getting some fuzz!

Here's her first piggy tails! I'll never forget pulling up into Aunt Krista's driveway and seeing that hair! I had NO idea such things were possible!

Here's my sweetness getting ready for sleep in her treasured Tinkerbell nightgown. She's got herself some lovely locks now! Josie is forever asking me why I don't have long hair. And I'm forever telling her that if my hair looked like that...I would!

Finally! It's my Jakers singing Happy Birthday to his beloved (way too good to him) big sister!