Friday, May 23, 2008

Ice Cream!

Here are some pictures of Josie and Jake with thier very first sundaes (as far as I know)! Josie got hot fudge and Jake got hot fudge minus the hot fudge. I just couldn't do the chocolate. Didn't want to deal with that mess! Lori came over with Ethan and Elissa...we headed to the park...we both forgot our cameras...and boy did we miss out on some cute shots of our kids together! But, we were ready (well, she was ready) when the sundaes came out at my house! :) It is always such a pleasure to be with the Behr family. We love loving and being loved! You know what I mean? Jenny's got to teach me how to do a slide show because I've got a gob of cute pictures to put on here of people loving on my kiddos! By the way, Angie, please take note of the song and artist! I did that just for you!!!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Jake, Jake, Jake...

Oh my sweet little man! It was a very busy evening! Taylor and Elijah were over to play with my kiddies while their folks partied down! :) Anyhoo, I'd given Jake a bath and lotioned him all up, dresssed him, you know all the stuff you do after bath. Then it was Josie's turn. They like a bath together, but Jaker's was much much too dirty for his sister's liking this particular night! So, Josie's in the bath...I've stepped out the door for a second to get her teddies (all 3 of them) for bed. Remind me to tell you about teddies sometime! Next thing I know Elijah is running out to me yelling, "Mee Mee, Jake is in the bathtub with all his clothes on!" I wish you could hear Lij say that in his ever so sweet voice. I come running in and low and behold there sits my son fully dressed in the bathtub with his head under the faucet cracking up. Oh, he's having him a dandy time, fine and dandy like a hard candy Christmas (sing it Dolly)! I got him in a new diaper as you'll see in the pictures, but that puppy was coming off and he was headed back for him some "baaa" His little booty crack is so cute!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Is that a Hannah Montana cd on Jeanne's blog?

Why, yes it is! My Joey always lets the kids (Josie at this point) pick out a present for me! This Mother's Day Josie was dead set on getting me yellow flowers and the Hannah Montana cd. Who knows what's going on in that girl's noggin? It was such a proud moment in her 3 year old life to place that cd in my hand. Oh, and have we ever listened to it. We have been rockin out to some "Best of both worlds" chillin out take it slow when we rock out the show........

Monday, May 12, 2008

What a weekend!

We had such a fun weekend! It was packed with adventure and some sparkle fingernail painting! Our lives seem so busy, but it's always with wonderful activities and people we love! I can't think of a better way to spend this life! Friday is when the fun began... Joey took the day off to take our family to Sea World. Angie had herself a good little time. She convinced me to let my daughter get on this ride. Josie totally enjoyed herself. I can still hear her laughing! :) Jake went nutty about the birds in the dolphin show! Connor and Josie always have the most fun together! Look at those two. BFF! You can't see Caroline in this pic, she's over to the side giving her Mama a fit! :) Not really, that little girl is an angel. We made it home to get washed up and head off to Taylor's 8th birthday party at 7:00. My kids are crazy about them some Tay and Lij and Aunt Krista and Uncle Dave. Saturday was a blast, too! Denise came down with Parker! Josie slept through the whole thing, but Jake was wide awake having him some Parker time! Lori, Ethan and Elissa came to watch my children later that day. My kids wear themselves out playing with those Behr chitrens! Joey took me to Orlando again, but this time it was for shopping, not Sea World! We totally enjoyed ourselves! Sunday was Mother's Day! We spent it with a little bit of everyone! Home, Church, Grampa's, Mama's, Home.... The highlight was the birthday card we got my sister! That thing was too stinking funny! She turned ## on Saturday. I won't give her youthful age away! :) (love ya my sister) That's pretty much it for this weekend....until next time.....

Monday, May 5, 2008

Redeeming Jake!

My little princess has been quite the contraversial blog! I had no idea it would cause such a stir! So, this one is for Jake! I'm going to redeem him with some tough guy pictures! :) NO dresses in this one!! Ethan Behr, I hope you're happy now! And a big thanks to your mama for giving me that football shot!!