Monday, March 23, 2009

A Few Photos and Forever!!

Here are a couple of pictures of Jake and Josie.
One day I'll title my blog high heels and footballs! That is the story of my life. Josie clackin through the house in princess shoes of all designs. Jake jetting through the house throwing, kicking, or hitting balls of all shapes and sizes. I desperately try to make sure we only have soft squishy balls inside.
Mama got Josie that Princess Pop Star dress (as she calls it). The shoes are from Alma or Chloe. They have cheetah print inside. She mostly uses them for Snow White, but today they'll do for Pop Diva. Everyday she goes through at the very least 10 dresses. Watching her is like watching a Broadway performance. So dramatic! Lord, I love her!
Jake has been doing this new thing. I wish you could hear it just the way he says it. I'll try to do it justice. When he gets mad or upset or whatever he'll end his sentence with FOWR-EVEWR! Like he goes, "I not gonna be a nice boy, FOWR-EVEWR!" or "I not gon wear dat helmet FOWR-EVEWR!" It's so hard not to crack up. The other night/morning, it was 5 something, he got in the bed with Joey and me. He had to sleep with one of his squishy balls that night. Well, he brought it with him and kept throwing it at the head board. Joey finally told him to stop or Daddy was going to take it. Jake didn't and Joey took that ball. He chunked it so hard it went flying out of our room and landed in the dining area. Joey later told him he could have the ball if he didn't throw it again. Jake ran in there to get it and said, "I am gon frow dat ball FOWR-EVEWR!" We busted out laughing. He does bring such comic relief. Words cannot express the love I have for that kid!
The End.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Funky Fixins!

**Please note this funkyness is not a typical meal at the McDonald household!**

Believe it or not, I DO try to feed my kids the right food! You know....healthy stuff. It's quite the challenge for my ignorant behind! I have loved the wrong foods for as long as I've lived. Ever since I can remember I'd choose cereal over "real food" any day! I seriously have a crush on candy! Thanks be to God middle age has kicked in and I do actually have a sweet limit. Plus, my mouth gets so raw I cannot possibly eat the entire bag of Now & Laters anymore! Yes, bag! At Halloween they have these hugungous bags of sinful treats!

So I work hard to put good things in my babies bodies! I don't want them to love the junk I love! Tonight was hilarious! The combination was actually kinda nasty, but the kids ate it up! They had oatmeal (real Quaker Oats), edamame, and a hard boiled egg! I threw the grapes in for color! :)

Joey laughed his butt off when he saw their plates. He was like....eew! But, when my sweet little Josie sat down, she exclaimed, "Mommy, this is the BEST supper ever!" Ha!

Just thought I'd share this! Real food is getting easier for me! I'm no Paula Deen! Everyone who knows me knows the kitchen is my thorn! But I am trying! Who would have thought Jeanne of all people would care about the food groups (at least when it comes to my kids)?

Lori's been a feen about taking pictures of my kids. I put a few on here that I love! This ones for you Nana Net!