Thursday, August 28, 2008

I "heart" New York!

I love New York! I do need one of those stank white shirts that say I "heart" NY! Never could bring myself to buy one, though.
These pictures are only a few of my favorites. My sweetest sister and I are at a yummy Italian restauant (Carmine's) in the first picture. The next pic is Broadway where we watched Grease. We love us some Grease! Um, um, um! Taylor Hicks (Idol winner from 2 seasons ago) was the beauty school drop out guy! I didn't really think I'd like Broadway. All those overly dramatic faces and all, but I was way wrong. It's one of my best memories! :) Joey was tickled pink that we got that out of our system before he came with us in August.
The next two are us in Central Park. That is the prettiest place. It's funny how drawn I was there. I go to the city that never sleeps to stroll through the peace and quiet. Don't tell anybody, but Christy took those pictures. Yes, my sister, who had surgery not even 24 hours before these shots were taken! My mom would whoop my hine if she knew I wasn't the best babysitter! But, you can't make that girl rest. If she doesn't want to, she won't!!!! That bridge is the one you see in all the movies. It's in "Enchanted." Josie loves that one. Surprise surprise! My princess enjoying a princess movie!
I did save the best for last. You'll notice it's the Hershey store on Times Square. Oh yes, the Hershey store! That place was almost too much for my little heart to bear. You know that saying, "Like a kid in the candy store!" Well, that was me. It was heaven on earth. I'm 100% my heaven is gonna include the biggest chilled hershey bar ever with a side of peanut butter! Some people appreciate a good meal....I appreciate a good piece of candy, or two, or three! :)
We had so much fun. We went everywhere that counts! Lots of Law and Order watching went on! It's pretty cool and scary to watch that show in New York. We had our fair share of Michael Phelps and the young gymnastic girls,too! I've also never walked so much in my life. You just feel so healthy there! Minus the bad smog and fumes you're breathing in :) Ok there's New York in a very little nutshell!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wednesday is here!

Wednesday! I've been wanting to tell you all about this! Everything that's anything happens on Wednesday for Jos! She's all about Wednesday. Things don't really happen then. That's just the day she picks and believes everything wonderful happens on. For instance, "We will go to Sea World on Wednesday. We will bake cookies with Aunt Cheryl on Wednesday. I will spend the night with Gigi on Wednesday. I will see (any number of children that she LOVES) on Wednesday. " She even puts off naps until Wednesday. She says, "Mommy, I don't want to take a nap right now, but I will do it on Wednesday." It's the cutest thing. So, when I was praying about preschool...Josie busts out with I will be a big girl and I will go on Wednesday. And that's today. Wednesday! It's here!
My best little girl in all the land! The sweet gift that I can still remember talking to in my tummy! The baby that I held in that brown chair all the time for at least the first 6 weeks of her life. I simply couldn't bring myself to put her down. :) Now, off she goes to be a big girl. Last night she wanted to go to sleep at 7:30 because she couldn't wait until it was a "big sunshine day" outside. She kept saying, "I will go to sleep and go to school NOW!" I'd tell her she'd go tomorrow morning and she'd say, "No, not tomorrow. NOW!!" Finally, I said, "Yes, NOW you will go to school."
She's been very excited to go with very few hesitations. We prayed this morning and Jake clapped (as he always does when we finish a prayer). On the way there she tells me, in that quivery voice, "I don't want to go to school. I'm scared." On the inside I was crying, "Baby, I'll turn this car around right now and we will play Dora, and Little People, and Princess, and do all the puzzles you want, and watch as many Hi-5's as your little heart desires." But, on the outside, I said, "I bet your friends are scared too! But, when you all get there you will be so happy." There was some converstation about what her friends Mommies were saying to them! Josie smiles at me in the rear view mirrow and says, "OK I will just sing then." She starts singing "All night, all day, angels watching over me my Lord! All night, all day, angels watching over me." I did cry then. She didn't see me.
When we got to school her little friends were there. I'm sure she's made even more new friends. She asked me why I wasn't going to stay with her for a little while and I told her Mommies couldn't stay anymore! She seemed fine with that. Mrs. Leigh Ann came over and asked Josie to pick a book for her to read to the kids. (Not for Josie to read, for Leigh Ann)! :) That was that! It's all I know so far. I'll chat more later after I pick her up!

Monday, August 4, 2008


Hey everybody! I haven't even blogged about our pet bird, Juicy! He's a yellow canary, but we call him a she and she's orange. We don't mean to call him a her. It just sort of happened that way. And she's orange because our Uncle Mike fed her sweet potato baby food to make her that way. So, I'm trying to keep that up! I'm not quite as good of a birdkeeper as he is.
Our Juicy bird gets only the very best paper products to poo on! Mike used newspaper. However, Jeanne MacDonald's is no newspaper reader. Therefore, Juicy gets premium Dora and Diego already colored on coloring sheets to do her business.
Jake and Josie LOVE this bird! Jake about freaked out when Mama put that bird on him! I'll say no more. I'm going to let the footage tell you everything.
Poor bird!