Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mamma Mia!

Hey everybody!!! I've missed blogging. Just an update...Jake is doing wonderful without his ba! Sweet freedom! Woo-hoo! He's such a good boy!

Mama, Christy and I headed to New York for the week. We decided 3 years ago we were going to do one trip a year together (just the 3 of us). The first one was the beach. The last 2 have been NYC. Thanks to my sweet sister and all of her eye surgeries.

I've titled this blog Mamma Mia for two reasons. 1) We watched that broadway show together...and 2) My mama is a nut! I've got to tell you that woman just isn't right! :) And I mean that in the most respectful way.

When we first got to the hotel she was all hung up on this sign about O'sized vehicles (please note the picture). Brenda Mae couldn't figure out what the heck a zero sized vehicle was and why they were charging $8 to park it. She kept saying, "What on earth is a zero sized vehicle. Well, I've never heard of such! Is it a bike or something?" Christy and I were just looking at each other like...is she for real? I told her it's not a zero sized vehicle or a bike. It's an oversized vehicle and that's why it's $8 extra!

Then, Mom's awake at the butt crack of dawn and headed down 33 flights for her morning cup of coffee and a cigarette. This man plops down beside her on the outside steps and lights up a joint. Yes, mar-i-ju-wanna! He asked her if she'd like to take a puff. She smiles and says no thank you. After she wouldn't participate in his illegal drug activity, he asks her if she minds if he sings to her. That man starts singing some crazy song to Mama. She just laughed. She has the nuttiest stories!

Another incident happened on Times Square when me and Christy about had to wrestle her down. That woman thought it would be funny to ask the horse police man if she could jump on back and get handcuffed. She wanted to text the picture to my brother, Brett. She didn't do it, but I have to admit that would've been a hoot!

We rode one of those bicycle man carts back to the New Yorker when Mamma Mia was over. I think we laughed the hardest then. We just knew at any given moment homeboy was gonna fling us off that cart and into oncoming traffic. Plus, we were a little loopy. We'd been up since 3 in the mernin and the show didn't end til around 11:00 that night. There's one picture of our driver man and the other of us cracking up!

Where would I be without that lady? We had ourselves the most wonderful dysfunctional life growing up and I thank my sweet Lord every day for giving me to the Rimes family!! My life has never been dull...NEVER! As long as my Mama's got something to do with it, I don't think it ever will.