Monday, December 14, 2009

A day in the life!

I'm home today! It's Monday and I'm usually at work, but my Josie is sick (again)! Talk about tis the season. Tis the season alright.... fa la la la la, la la la la! for pneumonia and asthma, and ear infections and coughing until my child pukes, and REAL vomiting, and sleepless nights...wait I always have sleepless nights because my son is Joey Jr. in that aspect. The sweet codger refuses to sleep through the night. If he does I'm in there checking his breathing :) Even though he and I have had numerous talks about Mommy having to get up and go to work he simply doesn't care. He always makes for the best stories, though!

We head to the doctor around 10:30. Leave around 12:45. And we're headed home. I got them some nuggets from Chic-fil-a. Being that we weren't going to make it to the house for lunch. Picture this: Jake, Josie and I are in the van. It starts out with the 12 days of Christmas. You know two turtle dougs and a partridge in a pantry. Jake's wigging out because he wants me to cover him perfectly with his blanket and get his teddy because he's dropped it for the umpeenth time. Josie's coughing and coughing in her seat in between questions about me getting her a chica-wawa. I'm sure you've heard about those cute little dogs. Formerly known as chiuaua's. About that time she yells out "I'm gonna frow up!" I pass the chic-fil-a kids bag to her. She chunks up what little protein value she just received and requests a wipey! The phone starts ringing because Joey wants to know what the dr said. But, we did it. We landed safely at home despite the never ending Villages traffic! I know my guardian angels be working them some overtime!

Oh sweet Lord! I had to interrupt this quick blog to clean up the entire glass bottle of antibiotics that was just prescribed to Josie. Seems it was accidentally dropped by Josie onto our freshly mopped floor. Little brown shards of glass are lingering everywhere. We'll be wearing our shoes for a while!

Josie was being Dr. Albino today. I got to be her patient. She was acting out everything exactly as it occurred just a few short hours ago. I have been diagnosed with several problems. Double ear flections, a chin flection, and eye flections. Seems my nose was all clear. How do I know that? Well let me tell you the highlight of this pretend game. Sweet girl stuck a q-tip up my nose to re-enact the flu swab! I literally had to plug my left nostril, blow as if to spew a booger on her, and pant like a dog! "Ok Mommy, stick your tongue out and breath like this Hah-hah-hah!" Her words exactly!

Back again! You have no idea what just occurred in the past half hour. Another interruption. Seriously. Jake got a hold of the children's Tylenol, bubble gum flavor. Apparently, "The policemans gave it to him!" No wait, "It's was dos boyz" Umm on second thought "He only had a cup." Yeah, that's what he's telling me as I realize the sticky all over his toy gun that I've been pretend shooting him with is Tylenol! I know you may be wondering, "Why were you pretend shooting your son?" Well, he was pretending to be a deer and wanted to be my supper so I had no other option! So, which is worse that he got the Tylenol or that I pretend to shoot him??? Needless to say he's fine. I called poison control and all is well!!

I can't even believe this craziness! On that note I think I'll call it quits and go supervise my children :) It's never ever boring being at home!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ok, I just stink like Jake's poopy diaper! Yes, he's still wearing diapers!

I guess I'll start with some pictures since I typed all my stuff first, but don't know how to move it to the top! :)

Here's Jakey cleaning pumpkins for Halloween.

Josie looking crazy haired, but lovely.

Jakey on his 3rd birthday! Nana made the Mickey Mouse cake!

Josie and Jake with Josie's favorite (Jasmine)! Alladin is crackin me up with that smile though!

Buzz Light Year! Love that little guy!

Josie and Jake at Minnie's house!

Seeing a family of 4 manatees at Blue Springs! Our first trip out with our camper!

Our adorable home on wheels!

Look at Jake! Trying to fill his daddy's shoes already!

Josie's first day of preschool! She and Joey both cried like babies. I think he was the biggest baby of the two :)

Man oh man, where do I even start? I turned 33! Jake turned 3! We had birthday parties and Disney World. Camping is a wonderful new pastime for our fam! Halloween was a big hit. Thanksgiving has come and gone and Christmas is about to be here! I've been teaching up a storm and loving it! My Josie is c-razy about her preschool class! Jake couldn't be happier to be "home" with Nana and Pa! Joey is about to graduate from CFCC! He starts UF in January! Go Gators!! Geez Louise that's a ton of stuff!
Yes, my son is still not completely potty trained. I know I know! It's one of those "nevers" biting me in the butt again. I've shole nuf said "My kid will never be wearing a Huggies Supreme at the ripe old age of 3!" But, low and behold here we are, buying Huggies way too often to say! On a funny note, we have been using the Dora potty...for recreational purpose only. Jake enjoys fishing in it with his fishing pole. One day..............

I do have so many stories, but I intend on blogging about them on a separate occasion, as to not overwhelm my readers (Mrs. Jackie) :) I almost gave up on my blog life until you shared your love of my stories. Shame on me for taking this long. Life truly has been busy and it's hard to blog when one is asleep at 8:30 almost every night!