Saturday, October 10, 2009

Josie was right!

Well, there is a camper store! It's called Suncoast Schools Credit Union! :0) And they do give you money when you ask them. You just have to pay them back with interest, that's all!

We got a camper! It's super cute. Just as soon as I charge the battery in my 1910 Kodak Easy Share I'll post some pictures. It's a 2007 Kodiak 25 foot something or another by Skamper. All I know is its a blessing from God! We've been talking about getting one. But, you know me. I've got some stipulations. This one met and actually exceeded them all! Who-we!

Josie and Jake have bunks. Jake loves the nightlights. We'll probably be removing those eventually if he keeps up with all the on/off, on/off, on/off. :) Josie loves her bed being up top. It's got a slide out where the couch is. There's more storage than I could dream of (which was one of my main priorities)! It's new to us and we're so excited! Our first trip is next weekend!

Josie has started pre-school! She LOVES it! She's crazy about Mrs. Angela and talks kindly about every kid in her class. I'm so proud of her. She looks forward to going! :o) Who'd of thunk it?

Jakey has adjusted so well to being with Nana all day! She was a teacher, ya know. So, she's all about doing "school" with Jake. He's thrilled to show me his work when I walk in the door. God bless that woman for being so so good to my babies.

I've finally stopped crying (for the most part) about our new normal. That's what we've called it. (Thanks Lori). A position came open back at my old school. It's the 4th grade writing teacher. I KNEW it was God. That didn't make it any easier to change my plans of waiting at least one more year. I know that scripture....many are the plans of a man's heart, but the Lord directs his steps. Mine have been directed a little sooner than I had wanted them to, but it has definitely been the right thing for us.

I had forgotten how much I love love love children. I'm being used by him in ways I hadn't thought of! It's unbelievable the amount of pain these kids carry every day. I pray for wisdom to teach them and tons of love to shower on them.

My kids, Joey and I making the very most of our time together when I'm home, (which is by 4:00) every day! All about quality for us right now! And knowing we have a steady pay check is comforting too!

So, here I continue this journey of trusting in the Lord with all my heart and leaning not on my own understanding. In all my ways acknowledging him and he's directing my path! Until next time.....Jeanne