Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tea Party!

Josie and I went to Polly's Pantry for a tea party with the Gaskin's girls. I'm pretty sure it was Kelly's idea. I think there were 15 of us there. Josie was very excited about the "Mommy & Josie" day. She's all about her some quality time. We spent 2 hours there and she was absolutely wonderful!

She ordered hot chocolate. It came in this little porcelain teapot. Josie got to pour some cold milk in all by herself to help cool it off. She thought she was so grown!

Josie Ryann and Taylor Rae! Josie is crazy about this girl!

Mommy & Josie!

She just stared at this dollhouse for a very long time. They even opened it for her later.

Look at that ice cream....along with that big ole happy grin!!

Nana, Josie & Me!

See this gentleman's shirt? Josie saw this and was like, Oh Mommy! His shirt it b-eauty-ful! We need to get that for Daddy! He didn't mind that I took his picture to show Joey.

Here's our girls! It's the only picture I have. Nana's got her eyes closed, but she still looks pretty! :)
Josie felt just like a princess. Mrs. Polly even gave the girls princess lessons. They got little gifts. Josie received a lollipop (blue one her fav) and some fru fru hair bows. We'll have to go again.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Is there such a thing as too much Taylor Swift?

Josie and Jake love some Taylor Swift. I must admit I like her, too. It's a good thing because Josie's got the Fearless CD and the child knows almost the entire album by heart. No joke. She has her own little way of singing it like "You be da prince and I'll be da princess. It's a lub story, baby just say yes!" I'm smitten with those 4 year old words that are turning into big girl words too fast for me to handle. Yesterday, she whipped out her doll that sings "Teardrops on my Guitar." Her Aunt Annette came down to visit and bought her that one and the "Our Song" one. Oh, and a Snow White doll, too. We can't leave out a princess! Anyway, I'm glad I had the camera right there so you can see how much they enjoy Taylor Swift. I'm laughing in it because Jake's so darn cute.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Kindermusik Recital!

Jake and Josie have done Kindermusik for the past two semesters. They've thoroughly enjoyed doing it. This spring we did Fiddle De Dee. There were all kinds of crazy songs in there. Luke and Laney were with us this time. The kids loved having them some twins time. Here are a few pictures from the recital this past Saturday.

See Josie's face in this one. She's shouting out to Bazoo Bazoo Butz. It's a donkey song and we're going hee-haw, hee-haw, hee-haw hee-haw hee-haw in our big voices! Man they were hilarious. The two beside us were focusing on playing the resonator bars.

This is some egg shakin goin on here. The kids made some good friends. They were with most of the same kids from the last semester. Such sweet bonds were formed.

Jakey was getting down in this shot. I'm sad it's over. They'll miss it next time.

After the recital we had lunch at Mickey D's, took Jake home for a nap, and headed to Ocala for the movie UP! Jake's never been to the movies, so we were a little nervous about taking him. To our surprise he was a dream boat. His sister, the old pro, did just fine. She didn't like it quite as much as the Hannah Montana movie, but the popcorn and candy were big hits. Jake just sat there in his booster seat, crossed his ankles, and ate his popcorn the whole time. He would start laughing in some scenes and give me this "I don't like this part look" in other scenes. I asked him if he loved the movie. He said, "Sometimes Jakey likes it, and sometimes Jakey don'ts." We topped the night off with some Chic-fil-a ice dream cones and went home for some much needed rest!
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