Thursday, January 21, 2010

Enjoying It All!

Josie dressed up as Belle!

Jake at 5:30 a.m. on Christmas morning!

Look! He's sleeping.....on the hallway floor.
Look at those shoes. I had to add this one. It's supposed to be after the next one...oops!

Rock star Jos! Check out the things on her legs. Oh my! She pieced this little ensemble together all by herself. Man, was she proud!

I've just been enjoying these children of mine! Life has been ever changing, but oh so wonderful!

Josie is growing up so fast. She'll be 5 on the 31st! Where oh where has time gone? My child is learning to handle those emotions of hers. She does a better job at being self controlled than her mama does!

She's always pretending to be somebody... Princess Tiana, a girl named Aerial but not the princess and her husband is Eric, but not the prince. They have a daughter named Beauty. Eric's a pretty good man! He washes the dishes and is a big help taking care of Beauty! Her imagination is quite amazing.

She's got a song in her heart that she loves to sing loudly. Josie can make up some beautiful ones. Sometimes they're Jesus songs. Other times she's a rock star. We never know from day to day.

She still adores dressing up. I am crazy in love with that child! And every night I have to say "Best little girl" and she says back " In all the land!" We've done that for as long as she could speak.

Jake is officially potty trained! Oh yeah! You heard me right. We've had no accidents. Now we've had several "on purposes" though! Like the other day when he got off the couch from cuddling with me to lean his sweet little 3 year old head on the foot rest. He looked me in my eyes and said, "Hey Mama!" My heart melted and I felt all funny inside until I heard the sound of pttttt. I was like, "Jake, what's that sound?" He comes back with "I...I...I..dunno Mom." That's when I realized that little joker was peeing all over my floor. YUCK! I fussed at him to stop and he just busts out with "Awww, don't say dose words at me Mom!" I tell him "Don't pee in my floor and I won't say those words at you!" By the way those words were simply just stop peeing on my floor. So after I clean up pretty much every drop, I have him come over with a paper towel to do his part. He says "Ugh, that's asugusting mom!" Too funny that boy!

Now if we could just get him to drop the kids off at the pool and not in his unnerwears! He's done it several times so I know he can. That sneaky little codger is quick though. He'll run and hide in the playroom. Next thing I know there's chocolate nougats in his Diego drawers. So...we've taken the 4 wheeler from him until he poops in the potty again.

Yes, he has a gas powered 4 wheeler. Joey's idea. I was totally against my 3 year old, who at the time still wore Huggies Supremes, getting a 4 wheeler. I have to admit he's really good at it and Joey is ALWAYS right beside him when he's riding. There's a governor or something like that on it. That beast only makes it to 5 mph! Josie's super cute when she rides too! Their helmets rock!

One day he'll sleep through the night on a regular basis. It's always something with him. His foot gets stuck in the bars, he can't find his tissue, the shadow from a picture frame is scaring him, he wants to sleep wif me, or his latest and greatest I might add....his head was stuck between his crib and the safety rail. Poor boy had red marks on his neck for hours :) I mean, who gets their head stuck like that???? But when he says, "Just, I just yuv you Mommy," everything washes away.

Joey has a new job. He's outside sales for Wesco. He's also working on his bachelor degree at UF. Go Joey! Josie was so afraid those boys were going to knock him down on the football field. She didn't quite get that Daddy wasn't going to be a Gator football player :)

My job is fun! The kids are s-u-p-e-r, super that's what they are. Super super! Clap clap! Super super! Clap clap! Man, that's like all the way back to 7th grade cheer leading tryouts right there! Teaching is a fulfilling job! It's wonderful to see the difference God makes through you in those children!

I'm really just taken back by all God has done for this family of mine! I sincerely love my husband and he loves me. My Josie and Jakey are my world! They amaze me :)

Enough for now......
**Update** Jake had a victory poo this morning! Joey refused to give Jake his underwear back after a much needed poop attempt. It worked. Jake got mad, sat down on the potty, and dropped a big ole lincoln log! Hallelureyah! He's on his 4 wheeler as I type.