Monday, April 28, 2008

Speaking of my princess.....

Here's my little princess himself. Jake's loving Aunt Christy (Tee-tee he calls her) thought it would be funny to surprise Joey with this little ditty that Raelynn got Josie for her birthday. Oh, you should have seen my husband's face when he saw his "rough little man" sporting a Dora gown!! I hope Jake will forgive me for this one day.

Princess Jylenol, Jolley, and Anessa!

This is our princess, Josie Ryann! Today she was Princess Jylenol (pronounced like Tylenol, but with a j)! She is sporting my pink purse on her right hand. The contents include some Skittles lip gloss and food from her play kitchen. Her princess teapot full of coffee with ketchup in her left hand. And please don't miss those "clackers" Her brutiful high heel princess shoes that she clacks around my house in daily. Those shoes seem super d dooper loud when Jaker's is sleeping, but he seems to snooze right on through. Her outfit is from Halloween...She is too cute. Her daddy assures her often that she is "lovely"!!!!

Friday, April 25, 2008

I'm going to try this blog stuff!!!!

Here I go! I've decided to give this a whirl! What a fun outlet and all my curious little peeps can see pics of my babes! Really, I don't know where to start and I don't know if I'm even doing this right! I'll start with some super cute shots of Josie and Jake. I took these one night when Jake was wanting to rough house! He is ALL boy! I tell you what, the rougher you are with him the harder he laughs. This particular evening I was pushing him and saying, very loudly I might add, POW! He thought it was so funny. I thought he was going to bust a gut from laughing so hard. Josie got quite a kick out of it herself. She usually doesn't like the rough and tumble, but for some reason she just got so tickled! You'll notice her attire! She loves these boy Diego pjammers her Gigi bought her (that are now way to small) and her pink beach hat (also from her Gigi). Enjoy! :)