Thursday, November 20, 2008

My little knot head!

Here's to my little knot headed son! He's something else. That boy bout sends me into cardiac arrest today was no different. He just has bigger marks to prove his boyhood. The first pictures are how his precious face is supposed to look. The last two are what happens when he rolls down the steps in the garage face first. It was a sad sad sight. Jake's way tough, though. He didn't cry long. He saves "real crying" for things that matter, like when I won't let him jump from the coffee table to the couch. Those water works can last for minutes! :) This was just too cute not to blog! So, here's looking at you Jake!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tinkerbell and Tebow

Josie dressed up as Tinkerbell and Jake was Tim Tebow for Halloween. They were cute as could be.
Nana made Josie's one of a kind Tink outfit (even the wings). Josie went online with Nana to decide what she wanted to be. She found a fairy costume and there was no going back. She HAD to be Tinkerbell and the costume HAD to be green. Josie didn't understand why her dress wasn't strapless. That girl pays attention to every single detail. I don't think I even noticed that Tinkerbell went strapless. She even does her sleeves off the shoulder like Aurora. Her hair has to be in a side ponytail when she's Bell. The only wand that will work with her Snow White dress is the Snow White wand (not any of the other 5 wands). My sweet girl is a particular one! Anyway, Nana came through with this breathtaking Tinkerbell costume. Seriously, Josie gasped when she saw it...totally took her breath away. I polished her nails with sparkle polish and put some shiny eyeshadow and lip gloss on her. Her hair was up, just like Tinks! She was in heaven, pure heaven. She looked beautiful.
Jake was the most adorable little football player I've ever seen in all my 31 years of living. We spiked his hair and put the black stuff under his eyes. Aunt Cheryl had originally given us some shoulder pads (from her closet). Angie later found some real football player pads for him. Oh man! When he would wear his helmet he looked dang cute. I even bought him those tacky light up shoes with balls on them. He's been eyeballing those things at Target for a good month now, but I refused them. Needless to say I finally gave in! He looked perfect and loves stomping his feet to watch his shoes light up!
We had a great time! Two of my nephews, Austin and Tyler, were there in the shot with Josie Ryann. My neice Taylor was with us, too. She was a big help with Jakers. Enjoy the pictures (noting Jake's basketball bucket). It was from Easter. It's all we had :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jake!! (a little bit late)

October 23rd my Jake turned 2!! We decided to give him a ball party. He loves all kinds of sports stuff!

We didn't do a big party for him, just family. We have family night at my mama's every Tuesday and Joey's folks every Thursday. So...we figured he could celebrate both days.
The Tuesday party was cupcakes that Aunt Christy made for him. They had cute little soccer balls on them. Jaker's didn't eat any of the cupcake, though. Once he tasted that sugared up soccer ball it was all over. The rest of us tore them cupcakes up! The Thursday party was a ball cake his Nana made. I must admit that thing rocked! He loved it.

Jake did everything you'd want your 2 year old to do for his party. He cracked all of us up. I love the way he sings Hap Birday to ooh, hap birday to ooh, hap birday...then he'd start blowing like crazy and clap and yell, "Yay, Jake!" We had to relight the candles several times at both parties. It was too much.
He moved on to opening his presents. He jumped up and down and squealed. He made every person feel like they're gift was the best! Grampa Jack was there and he kept laughing and saying, "That sure is a happy birthday boy!" Grandpa Leroy was still talking about my son the next day. Jake really can put on a show! :)

I've put up a few pictures of my little man. There's one there from preschool. Jenny had the kids make these cute pumpkins and we put an unlit candle in Jake's. We all sang Happy Birthday to him and he blew his unlit candle out.

It's hard to believe he's 2 already. I know I sound old, but time does fly. I'm very thankful for every second with him! He really is the funniest person I've ever known. Jake's just a natural when it comes to making you laugh! He's got me wrapped around that tiny little 2 year old finger!