Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Only clowns and super heroes can draw good with their left hand!

Here's some of what's been going on lately! My sweet little 5 year old broke her wrist on Saturday! She begs me to push her high to the sky. You've heard it before, "Higher Mommy, higher!" So.....I did! And as you can see it didn't really pay off :) Well, the urgent care and the Musculoskeletal people will get some jack from it! This is the only picture of her looking that pitiful! Really, she's been full of smiles despite the pain. Oh, and very unlike me when it comes to attention. Josie is SO embarrassed that she has a "boo boo" arm. She doesn't like us to say broken! The real cast today kinda helped with the embarrassment thing though!

This is what Jake's been up to! Just taking a bath like regular 39 year olds. Yeah, 39. He's decided he's been "free a long long time and now he's firty nine!" And did you know the Statue of Liberty is also known as .....Jesus? True stuff. Just ask Jakers! There was a picture of her at our school library and Jake was like (whispering) "Look Mom, it's Je-Sus!"

Joey and Josie at the Orthopedic Specialist today! See..... all smiles!

Here's Jos with her HOT PINK cast! She's so excited to have her friends sign their first and last names along with birthdates :) Don't think all the info will fit! How about you?

She got pretty upset Sunday when she was trying to draw because she's an amazing artist...fo rizzle! Well she comes running in the bathroom where I'm bathing the 39 year old and grumbles, "Ugh only clowns and super heroes can draw good with their left hand!" I'm like for real babe, clowns? She pipes up with some knowledge I was unaware of, "Yes clowns! They practice drawing circles A LOT Mommy!" I just went with it and told her to act like a clown and get to practicing.
I know there's so much more to say, but I can't do it all in one post. So here's the scoop on my sweeties! I've got more sweet memories to post!

This is Josie's take on the tumble!

This is Jake just talking craziness!


Jill said...

Precious. I bet Jake can catch lizards with his left hand. Good one!

Cyndi said...

Hey Jeanne!!! Your kids are so cute. I feel so bad that your sweet girl is sportin a cast. She seems to be in good spirits though. Oh that Jake is funny! Full of personality like Mama! I watched you on Wheel tonight. I screamed and yelled for you like we were back in highschool cheering. lol. So happy for you. You did AWESOME. Can't wait for you to blog your trip!

Leslie said...

I broke my foot last week, so Josie and I must be kindred souls! I watched you on the Wheel last night. I was so excited! I hope you enjoy Puerto Rico!

Deborah said...

clowns and super heros huh? that's good to know! loved the videos! i sure hope josie feels better soon. denise showed me the card parker made for her...so precious!

The Light's, party of 4 said...

those two are super duper cute! Thanks for sharing your life with us. Don't know what it is about our children's arms and swings,but they definately all know howtoget a cast. LOL